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Success and satisfied customers: Two reasons Brave fears no challenges.


When you integrate value, quality and personal service into each and every project, people notice. Our values-based approach to engineered solutions is the key to keeping promises and giving customers what they pay for—results that save time and money, improve processes and increase efficiency. Here are a few recent successes we’ve shared with customers.


 2011-Michigan Milk Producers Association (MMPA) Completed design and installation of Allen Bradley processor and Panelview+ Controls Upgrade for the Dry Milk Filling system for MMPA. The Allen Bradley PLC replaces a non-supported Mitsubishi unit. Controls design was successfully completed without electrical drawings and previous PLC Program. This project has reduced downtime and improved operations with increased key process variable controls. System is equipped with Ethernet interface to upload process data for automatic log generation and critical production analysis.
 2011-Post Foods     Completed the Construction management for Electrical Systems for the Cereal Capacity Increase Project. Critical equipment and conduit layout design were implemented.  All facets of electrical installation and supervision of crew were managed to insure project schedule adherence and scope completion.
 2011-Post Foods Continues to lead Construction Management of ongoing Electrical Safety Project at Post Foods Plant. Identification of potential safety improvements to electrical systems throughout the plant and implement modifications as necessary      Brave Controls supervised electrical crews for strict NEC Code/Post Foods Standard adherence and insured project schedules were met during scheduled downtime for process start up.
 2011-Kraft Foods Completed the installation and process integration programming of high efficiency Markem Codedaters for Kendallville Kraft Plant Packaging Lines.     Package quality and line efficiencies have been remarkably improved through this replacement of outdated equipment and integration of codedating equipment into the processor.
 2010-2011 Kraft Foods         Completed the design and installation control system of 300T Air Handler Unit, including updates to the plant ammonia system and installing AB Compact Logix processor with PanelView+ to improve control of ambient air in highly moisture sensitive production area. Brave custom built the control panel and executed the mechanical design layout of unit and ancillary equipment. Our team developed all bid packages, supervised the installation, and provided technical support for the start up of the project.
 2010-Kraft Foods         Completed the lead design, programming, and costruction management for the Kraft Foods Packaging Conversion for Glass to Plastic Containers for Marshmallow Fluff.       Brave executed scope definition, project schedule, bid packages, and supervised all field electrical construction. Brave Controls also designed and built the custom control panels required for the processor and HMI
 2010-Kraft Foods         Completed Custom Control Panels for several key process unit operations within Kraft Plants. Panels have been designed and built using industry standard AB processors, equipment, and Panelview+ HMI systems using RS- View programming. Improved sanitary wiring systems were impllemented for field devices. New panels have been buit and installed for Dryers, Cookrooms, In-Process, Utility Systems, and Packaging Equipment.
2010- Genentech Assisted Genentech with Validation of Process Variables of their leading Pharmaceutical and Biotech products for their new state-of-the-art Fill/Finish Facility.  Process support and validation included for CIP systems, fillers, liquid systmes, Inova system, coolers, Skan isolator systems, and packaging systems.
2009-Kraft Foods Completed the conversion of 8 Hayssen Baggers from outdated OEM controls and motor/gearbox drives to industry standard AB controls and servo drives. Line trials have indicated a 40% increase in bagging operation. Brave Controls beat the competition with an aggressive bid and installation schedule. Brave completed the project at half the cost of other bidders while completing each line conversion in less than 24 hours of process down time.
2008/2009- Graceland Fruit Completed plant expansion, including new fruit infusion process, tank farm, fruit bulk handling, 3 pass single stage dryer spec and build, complete facilities upgrade, underground utilities, site prep and concrete work. Brave provided project and construction management, engineering/design services, vendor contracts, complete control panel build and all equipment specification for the $13.7 million project. Project continued into 2009 and met a March 2009 startup date. Project is under budget and is meeting project scope deliverables. Brave is continuing to provide project and construction management, engineering, design, training and startup services for less than 10% of overall project budget.
2008-Kraft Foods Provided mechanical and electrical design and automation services for removal of dry pre-mix product from two plants (one Canadian, one U.S.) and subsequent installation at a third plant. Retrofit of existing equipment, installation of new equipment from base product handling through packaging. Complete panel build for new location. To improve process productivity, Brave recommended and implemented several enhancements using both new and existing equipment. Project implemented on time and within budget. Scope of work was expanded to encompass Jumbo-sized packaging.
2007/2008-Kraft Foods Provided mechanical/electrical design, automation and construction management services for major capacity increase for production of top branded product in cereal industry. Project had challenging timetable and limitations on building space. Despite the many obstacles,  the Brave design and construction management team exceeded time and startup expectations.
2007-Graceland Fruit Initiated and engineered lead solution for new juice concentrate processing—from raw fruit bulk handling through pre-processing, extracting dilute juice and concentrating for final product. Total product cost was $6.5 million with a payback of less than 24 months. Brave executed this project on time and under budget exceeded execution of the project scope deliverables. Installation surpassed expectations of CEO and board of directors. Provided project and construction management, engineering, design, training and startup services for less than 8% of overall project budget.
2007-Kraft Foods Provided construction management, process and controls automation, mechanical and electrical design for several large projects, including new packaging lines, packing system optimization, product reformulation, product removal from plant and several product reliability projects. Brave met all project requirements and schedules and provided lowest cost services to achieve success with minimal impact to ongoing operations. Multiple projects were often in construction and start-up. Thanks to Brave’s technical resources, these challenges were met, and expectations were exceeded.
2006-Graceland Fruit Value-based engineering lead solution for a fruit juice concentrate system. Project, construction and vendor contracts management as well as engineering and design services for the $4 million project. Brave executed this project on time and under budget while exceeding execution of the project scope deliverables. Installation exceeded expectations of CEO and board of directors. Brave provided project and construction management, engineering, design, training and startup services—all for less than 8% of the overall project budget.
2006-Graceland Fruit Value-based engineering lead solution for factory electrical substation service. Project, construction and vendor contacts management as well as engineering design services for the $1 million project. Brave executed this project on time and $200,000 under budget and exceeded execution of the project scope deliverables. Service interruption to factory was less than four hours to cutover to new 5MVA substation.
2006-Kraft Foods, Post Cereal Division Provided mechanical, process and controls design/build solution for new triple pass gas-fired food dryer. Provided complete controls package hardware, software, commissioning, training and startup. On time and under budget, Brave exceeded execution of the project scope deliverables. System performance exceeded the production startup curve.


Fear no challenge


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