Value-Based Solutions

At Brave Controls and Engineering, balancing the best interests of our customers, our business and our employees has taught us important lessons about the synergy of like-minded partnerships.

Collaboration with trustworthy suppliers and providers enhances our services. For you, these coalitions are the shortest route to optimal solutions and minimal costs. In addition, you don’t have to worry about confusion and overlapping areas of responsibilities. With Brave in control, you will still have a single, reliable point of accountability. One authority. One voice. One solution.

In most activities repetition reduces risk and increases comfort. Success with project after project is not necessarily a predictor because the facts are different in every case. However, getting it right time after time is how we’ve built a reputation based on quality results.

Brave’s people are one major reason for our success. Our employees average nearly 20 years of experience. Think about it: That’s centuries of combined experience focused on your challenge. At Brave, we hire and promote autonomy. There are no specialists here, no silos of isolated expertise and not even a hint of the “that’s not my job” attitude. In short, being at Brave means having a talent for flexibility and collaboration. Our people are why we fear no challenge.

On-time, under-budget quality solutions don’t happen by accident. At Brave, our plan for success is summarized in our execution philosophy.

  • Keep the process simple and lean.
  • Demand clarity in project objectives, problem and project definition.
  • Make quality assurance and quality control everyone’s responsibility.
  • Define all measurements in terms of scope deliverables, schedule and budget.
  • Involve the customer in all decision-making.
  • Evaluate all deliverables against project objectives (impact to budget, deliverables and schedule).
  • Invoke customer best accepted current practice for issue resolution when necessary.
  • Remember: Customer success is Brave’s reward.

Brave’s value rate:

Value Rate = Hourly Rate * [1/% Complete to schedule] * [1/% Deliverables complete] * [Estimate cost/Actual cost]

At Brave, we rate ourselves based on our ability to complete projects to cost, schedule and quality deliverables. When we are successful in achieving our 100% goal in these categories, our customers realize our “value rate.” We never ask for anything more than the value we deliver.

Fear no challenge


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