Brave gets it – Partner with us.  Brave is fearless in the pursuit of solid, benefit-oriented results—tightened tolerances, eliminated production choke points or optimized processes. Laser focus on execution and getting it done right the first time.

Attitude without resources is just good intentions. Resources without attitude are wasted potential. Together, they are Brave Controls and Engineering.

Give us a challenge, and we will show you why our first name is Brave…

Core Values


We do what is right ensuring absolute mutual trust.


We honor commitments and responsibility.

Shared Success

We deliver results by controlling cost, schedule, and scope. We win when you win.

Brief History

Brave began as an automation engineering services company in 1996, evolving into a full services process engineering company.

During the first 20 years we executed hundreds of projects in food and biopharma manufacturing. As core competencies and market needs changed, we enhanced our technical project and construction management services.

It is our mission to be achieve Preferred Partner Status with each Client through relentless execution of deliverables.